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Are you looking for an interim marketing and communication consultant who understands with just half a word? Someone skilled in brand building. Who provides extra hands and brainpower during peaks. Or are there projects that need to be expedited? Then you need COMMUNICATION POWER.

For more than 25 years, I've had the coolest job in the world. I've had the opportunity to work for the finest agencies and companies. Collaborating on a wide range of projects for various clients across numerous industries. Dynamic, distinctive, and with results.

I primarily offer my marketing and communication services on the Dutch market.


Below you will find some of my successful projects. I am proud to have contributed to these. Of course, I can tell you much more about them. If you want to see more cases, please click further.

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Building and expanding the brand Gradus; a career guidance agency in the (semi-) public sector. Designing and developing the corporate identity for use in offline, online, and social media campaigns.

Vista Nova

Repositioning the brand Vista Nova • school for career and leadership. Development of a new corporate identity, including implementation in offline, online, and social media campaigns. Primary goal: student recruitment!


With the podcast series 'Nederland Wethoudersland', we bring attention to the pillars of the WHV to the primary and secondary target groups. Hosted by Jeroen van Gool - director of WHV.

Ichiban Snacks

Delicious, authentic, high-quality, hand-made. That is the finger food from Ichiban. Also, it can be incorporated into numerous (lunch) dishes. For inspiration, you naturally go to ichibansnacks.eu. Itadakimasu!


Have you become curious and want to know if and when I am available? Call or email me!

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