Over the past years, as a communication consultant and project manager, I have had the opportunity to contribute to many beautiful, effective projects and campaigns, both nationally and internationally. I am proud to have contributed to the following cases.


Building and expanding the brand Gradus; a career guidance agency in the (semi-) public sector. Designing and developing the corporate identity for use in offline, online, and social media campaigns.

Vista Nova

Repositioning the brand Vista Nova • school for career and leadership. Development of a new corporate identity, including implementation in offline, online, and social media campaigns. Primary goal: student recruitment!


With the podcast series 'Nederland Wethoudersland', we bring attention to the pillars of the WHV to the primary and secondary target groups. Hosted by Jeroen van Gool - director of WHV.

Ichiban Snacks

Delicious, authentic, high-quality, hand-made. That is the finger food from Ichiban. Also, it can be incorporated into numerous (lunch) dishes. For inspiration, you naturally go to ichibansnacks.eu. Itadakimasu!!

Hendrik Jan

Annual campaignes
Every year Hendrik Jan conducts 4-5 retail campaignes, like ‘Snoeimeesters’, ‘Opscheppers’, ‘Zomerdromen’ and ‘Maaltijdtuintjes’. Seeds that were effectively planted on social media, online, and in-store at hardware stores.


Introduction campaigne Habito
An innovative drywall solution calls for an extraordinary campaign. At its heart is the film; a masterpiece. Winner of the Bouwkennis Marketing Year Award.


Benelux campaigne
Repositioning of tesa precision tape in the Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia, and Luxembourg. Including TV commercials, in-program advertising, print, social media, online, and in-store (hardware stores).


European campaigne
Introduction of the ENiQ security system for the business market. With events, invitations, informational and documentation materials, advertising, and an animated film in multiple language versions.

Jantje Beton

Loyalty program
Outdoor play contributes to the healthy development of children. For the fundraising, a loyalty program was developed, which was rolled out via social media.


Name change campaigne
The trade association CBW-Mitex became INretail. It received a new corporate identity and a campaign to introduce INretail to all its members, the political sphere, and stakeholders.


The smartest way from G to A
GA is a platform for the sustainable renovation of homes. It was introduced through an animated film, a website, a trade show booth, and various documentation and presentation materials.

ALD Automotive

New Mobility
ALD is no longer just a leasing company but a mobility provider, which goes beyond leasing cars. A future-proof concept that was emphasized with a vision film, radio, print, and various presentation materials.


Portal & websites
A portal and four websites for the different business units of Yama were developed using the scrum method; from concept through to construction. Self-directed teamwork leaves one wanting more.

Gemeente Utrecht

Vision film on mobility
With this film, the city of Utrecht showcases the changes within the city and why they are necessary to keep the city accessible and livable. Aimed at citizens, businesses, and stakeholders. Local, national, and international.


Corporate & retail campaignes
Development of campaigns for this franchise formula. From concept and photography to the execution of the materials. The local entrepreneur was central to this, so both the in-store and print materials were produced with many variations.


Visual identity
For the business units Yama Products and Yama Foodservice, I had the direction in the process from concept, design, photography to the implementation of the new visual identity.

Clients and customers

GradusGroep, Vista Nova, Wethoudersvereniging, Profile, Yama Products, Yama Food, NOC*NSF, Gemeente Utrecht, NS Internationaal (Thalys, Interrail, ICE International), InRetail (voorheen CBW-Mitex), Saint-Gobain Gyproc, DOM Security (internationaal), Tesa Benelux, Bike Totaal, Jantje Beton, NCDO, ALD Automotive, SAB Profiel, Mitra, Skandia, Hendrik Jan, Elma, Elektrofix, Reddy keukens, Styrka, Meubelplein Ekkersrijt, Mode Alliance, Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs, Lederland, WoonDôme, M-Line, Engelen Keukens, Dikkerboom Betonboringen, Otis Liften, Genicom, Inter Access, Actebis, Geesa.